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30 December | Winchester

Between changes in my full time job, changes in market structure and stalls, and a wish to learn new skills, I am going on Sabbatical from cooking Vegan and Gluten free goods for the time being.

I have tremendously enjoyed meeting so many people, sharing health and nutrition stories and introducing lovely goods to people new to the wonderful possibilities of dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan goods. It has been a real joy!

At this time, I am uncertain if and when I will go back to selling goods; I had been ready to launch pre-packs of my healthy crackers and wonderful chocolate cake. I was unable to get this flying due to a steady stream of changes. I have a firm belief that these things happen for a reason.

My very best wishes to each and every one who was kind enough to stop by, have a chat and share your stories. They all meant so much to me.

Namaste and peace be with you.
That Free From Girl

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